Fryderyk Awards 2021 Nomination for the album of the year symphonic music

First complete edition of the CD with Symphony in B minor, Op. 24 “Polonia” by Ignacy Jan Paderewski, on the 160th anniversary of the composer’s birth and the 110th anniversary of its first performance in front of Polish audiences. A work of art and published by DUX in the interpretation of the Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Bohdan Boguszewski.


Prof. Bogdan Czerniak

Dear Bohdan, I received the official recording of Paderewski’s Polonia Symphony about a week or two ago and listened to it several times. I am […]

Symphony by Paderewski

Recorded on the aforementioned record the performance of Paderewski” Symphony leaves in listeners, it should be said, very strong and deep impressions…This thick web of […]

Camilla Panufnik

Dear Bohdan, I am very moved that thanks to you I was able to listen to so much of my husband Sir Andrzej Panufnik”s music, […]
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